Venice at La Cock Abbey

A photoshoot organised by the RPS

It was 2010 when I first visited Venice.  Having seen various pictures of Venice and the famous canals, I had a mental impression of what it would be like.  I was not disappointed!  Visiting in August, it was hot.  As we arrived at St Mark’s Square nothing quite prepared me for the hustle and bustle and the crowds.  There were several people dressed in full carnival costume, most impressive!

It was not until two years later that I spotted an article on an email that the Royal Photographic Society were organising a photoshoot ‘Venice at La Cock Abbey’.  It was a perfect setting outside of the Venetian Carnival for the models in their costumes.  The day was very well structured with a rotation of groups so that we all had the chance to photograph the various costumes in slightly different environments around the Abbey.  This was quite a challenging shoot, as flash was required.  Not owning a flash at the time, I purchased one a week before the shoot date.  In the evening, we were privileged enough to be allowed back to the Abbey after it had closed to the public.  We then had free access to work with which models and costumes we liked.  This was a super day and I was very pleased with the results gained.  One of my images was used a few years later to advertise another RPS shoot, this time at the National Trust property The Vyne.  Flash was not allowed at all at The Vyne – very challenging shooting conditions.

One day, I would love to visit Venice during the Carnival week.  Definitely one for the bucket list!


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