One December morning on the Test Estuary

One frosty morning in late December I decided to take a walk to the Test Estuary.  I had anticipated photographing the Canada Geese that sit on the mud flats amongst the reed beds.  Somehow the light just wasn’t right and was shining on the reeds further over, never quite making it to where the geese where.  The sunshine would have just helped to raise my shutter speed a little for a better quality shot.  Taking a chance I drove round the side of the estuary, parked up and walked out onto the boardwalks.  The sun was just starting to shine through the morning mist and the frosted ground.  It was here that I spotted the footpath curving around, passing the hand rails and beyond the trees, with the mist providing nice recession of the trees in the distance.  Setting up my tripod, I exposed the shot and was really pleased with the end result.


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