London Zoo

I had accompanied my sister and niece on their trip into London.  The loose plan was to have an afternoon visit to the zoo.  Again, the weather was not in my favour, grey, dull and definitely not very warm.  By the afternoon it had started drizzling at odd moments, very disappointing!  As we wandered around the zoo, we headed for the big cats.  The thought of being there on a warm sunny day with an ice cream was much more appealing.  The tigers were absolutely awesome and the lions appeared happy to stay put and pose.  The tigers were challenging to photograph, the usual finger prints on the glass and the struggle of obtaining a high enough shutter speed and not wanting to compromise too much by raising the ISO where images would become more grainy, especially in such dull conditions.

I was amazed to be able to see the texture on the tongue of the male lion as he yawned and the detail on his teeth.  The lioness looked somewhat more relaxed, but her eyes were just stunning.  Those whopping great big paws are just incredible.  One day, I would love to be able to see such wonderful animals in the wilds of Africa.


And to finish off with, something a little more colourful and cheerful, a nice happy looking Humboldt Penguin.  There’s something about that nice aqua blue water, although you can just make out a few light drops of rain that have hit the surface.

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