Flying with style

Farnborough Air-show 2014 / 2016

Having worked near Farnborough for the past few years, I have been able to take advantage of some local knowledge and take some photographs during the air-show week.  The area around the golf course was a great location to take shots from as the aircraft bank round.  Having also played a round of golf during the air-show week, it was incredible watching the A380 fly literally above your head.  The noise from the F-18 and the Eurofighter was just deafening, it definitely put me off my drive!  The Swan pub is almost at the end of the runway.  The aircraft come in, flying over the tops of the houses and the pub in order to land.  The following photographs were taken in 2014.  It was amazing to see the Vulcan, which sadly will no longer be flying at any more air-shows.  The weather was quite varied, making camera settings a challenge.  I decided to stay on aperture priority.  The two shots of the Eurofighter which are side views and look very similar were taken during the same flight.  One part of the sky had blue sky and cloud, the other looked very stormy and threatening.

The following photographs were taken in 2016.  As you can see, the weather was not too good again.  The first afternoon, had me hunkered down underneath my umbrella.  I eventually returned to the car after a massive downpour.  Switching on the radio, they announced that the air-show had closed for the rest of the day as they had experienced severe flooding which had affected some of the electrics or a generator.  The Friday was only marginally better however, at least it wasn’t raining this time!


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