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Jester goes fishing

For those of you who haven’t worked out yet, I have a passion for animals and nature.  I am fascinated by the different characters and personalities that animals have.  For those of us who have had or own pets you will appreciate how attached we get to them and how they are part of the family.  The photograph ‘Jester goes fishing’ was a challenge to take.  I had the idea some time ago and really wanted to give this idea a go.  They say never work with children or animals!  Well, I can see why.  Jester was far from co-operative.  He loves to play, almost as much as he loves his food.  He’s very vocal, yet very affectionate.  After setting up the blanket box and lighting, it was just a matter of getting Jester to jump on the box.  After some encouragement with his favourite toy I tried to persuade him up onto the box, but he wasn’t having any of it.  He simply wouldn’t jump up.  Treat time!  Using his favourite treat broken into small pieces, these were strategically placed to attract his interest to the top of the box.  No such luck!  Clever Jester, reached out a long arm and pawed the treat off the box onto the floor.  Time to move the next treat further over!  It was at that point, he suddenly hopped up onto the box.  Leaning over, I managed to press the shutter button, having manually focused.

This was the only shot I managed.  Despite waiting all evening Jester, wasn’t going onto the box again that evening.  It struck me that he needs more training!  No fish or animals were harmed in this photoshoot.


This is Alfie, my other cat.  Both are rescue cats and have taken some time to settle.  We have no history for the two, other than, they were abandoned outside a vets in a cardboard box together.  Both are doing really well.  Alfie is definitely the older cat.  He’s definitely Boss Cat!

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