Words of Wisdom

We have all faced difficult circumstances in our lives, no matter how large or small.  I have found that it is the family and friends we have around us that play a major part of our development and influence.  It would appear that many of us post things on social media, whether it be a ‘funny’ or a mantra.  Many of these will strike a chord with you from your own life experiences.  It is from these encounters that we can take great strength, encouragement and the determination to go on when times are more demanding and remind ourselves of what is most important deep down.  It is from these experiences and the books that I have read that I have started to create some using my photography.

The keys were purchased from an Antique store and are genuine 18th Century keys.  It makes you wonder what doors they actually opened.  I just love the intricate detail of the key head and that textured rusty appearance.  I’m sure I can get more mileage out these keys for my photography.  When inspiration strikes, I’ll be sure to post more ‘Memes’ on my website.  I hope you enjoy the ones that I have created so far.




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